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David Onuma - The Split Guard

David Onuma - The Split Guard

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This guard is an excellent double sleeve open guard position. The essence of the technical and conceptual approach to this guard were taught to David by his teacher Ricardo De La Riva which include important aspects of the Famous De La Riva Guard. Learn how to control, sweep and submit your opponent in a safe and structured way all whilst protecting your guard from getting passed.


Prof David Onuma is a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Ricardo De La Riva. He is an Elite masters athlete fighting out of London, UK and is the head of CFS BJJ & De La Riva london. A high ranking Instructor in several martial arts, a judge for the Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu show and a Tatami Fightwear sponsored athlete


His accomplishments include:


International Masters Champion - Europe 2109

7 x IBJJF European Champion - Lisbon

British, london & Rome Open Champion

World Masters Bronze Medallist

World no gi Silver medallist

Instructor  - Sensei Erik Paulson’s  - CSW

2013 - IBJJF #1 Ranked fighter - Master 4



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